Hey Selmeier's, Selmiers and Sehlmeiers, this is your home page.

The Selmeier Family exists in Europe and North America, that we know of. This site is dedicated to getting them together from everywhere on Planet Earth. We are providing some family tree information and we have a mail list that allows different family members to talk to each other on different continents. So if you are a Selmeier (by which ever spelling) please let us know you stopped by and join our mail list:

Join the family-selmeier@selmeier.com mail list

A general list allowing Selmeiers to converse. To join send e-mail to Bill Selmeier and tell us a little about yourself. Thank you!
We'll be back shortly!

If you were looking for some of Bill Selmeier's involvement with the U.P.C. You can start here. Bill has written a book about the effort to spread the word on implementing the UPC and overcoming many other industry issues that limited its initial acceptance. Bill is also documenting in person, the efforts on hundreds of other people who participated in this major change to the world's commerce. You can see more about it at www.lulu.com/bills9. Also a start is available in a series of short videos with those who actually did the work.

If you were looking for the Grosse Pointe Class of '59 site, then click here. You were close. ;-)

If you were looking for the Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Chapter's blog site, then click here. Again you were close. ;-) If you have questions, contact the webmaster.